Roma Collection

Product information

Inspired by nature, it recreates the movement of the waves of the sea, generating a movement that plays with the effect of the lights created by the interior led.

The Roma headboard is handmade with mdf wooden boards with all the quality certificates and are quality certificates and are hand lacquered in three layers. The built-in LEDs are of the highest quality and have the certificates.


Roma Headboard Solid Snow Colour

Roma Headboard Solid Colour Sea Water

Roma Headboard Solid Colour Pale Pink

Roma Headboard Solid Colour Wicker

Roma Headboard Solid Colour Grey

Roma Headboard Solid Colour Terracotta

Roma Headboard Metallic Colour Gold

Roma Headboard Titanium Metallic Colour


Bed width 135cm
Measurement A: 146cm – Measurement B: 74cm – Measurement C: 6.5cm
Bed width 150cm
Measurement A: 166cm – Measurement B: 81cm – Measurement C: 6.5cm
Bed width 180cm
Measurement A: 170cm – Measurement B: 81cm – Measurement C: 6.5cm




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