Here are the answers to some common questions about Okiun

What kind of material is it?

All parts are manufactured with an innovative concrete formula patented by Okiun that provides excellent qualities of hardness, strength and durability.
It is an ecological material, as it can be 100% recycled. It can be reprocessed and used again in its production cycle.

Is it suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, thanks to its composition it is a material that behaves perfectly on the outside and of course on the inside. This is one of its great technical advantages, since it is possible to carry out works in the interior and continue with the same material in the exterior of the same work. It is also possible to make facades in any building.

Does it have tones?

Not in the same order. From one order to another, the difference in tone is minimal.

Can I order any color?

Yes, you can order any color from an NCS or RAL chart

Do the pieces have to be rejoined once they have been placed?

No, it is not grouted, all the pieces have a very thin flange around the piece with the function of facilitating the placement and that all the pieces have the same joint always, so it is not necessary to grout. Furthermore, there is no need for an expert installer to lay the material, simply by presenting the pieces level in each row the decorative wall is easily built.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is a box that varies between 0.22m2 and 0.45m2 depending on the model.

What is the delivery time from when an order is placed?

Orders are normally delivered within 2 weeks. For emergencies something less. Each order is made in a handmade way, it is an exclusive product.

What are the logistics like?

It can be loaded at our factory in Oliva (Valencia) in Onda (Castellón) in a logistics warehouse that we have or sent directly from factory to destination.

What material do you stick to the wall with?

It can be done with porcelain glue cement, but it is better with polyurethane putty that we can supply as well.

If a part is damaged, how can it be repaired?

It is very easy to change one piece for another in a simple way.