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16.1 in X 18.5 in X 1.2 in
41 cm X 47 cm X 3 cm

Available finishes

Cement, Full Color, Metallic, Oxide, MarbleStone, AirGreen®

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View the colors of each finish

AluminiumGrey Magna

Blue Magna

CE01 Magna

CE02 Magna

CE03 Magna

CE04 Magna

CE05 Magna

CE06 Magna

CE07 Magna

CE08 Magna

CE09 Magna

CE10 Magna

Cobre Magna

Corten Magna

FC01 Magna

FC02 Magna

FC03 Magna

FC04 Magna

FC05 Magna

FC06 Magna

FC07 Magna

FC08 Magna

FC09 Magna

FC10 Magna

FC11 Magna

FC12 Magna

FC13 Magna

FC14 Magna

FC15 Magna

FC16 Magna

FC17 Magna

FC18 Magna

Gold Magna

Gold Magna

Leather01 Magna

Leather02 Magna

Leather03 Magna

Leather04 Magna

Leather05 Magna

Leather06 Magna

LeatherAluminiun Magna

LeatherCobre Magna

LeatherGold Magna

LeatherMetallicB Magna

LeatherRosé Magna

LeatherSilver Magna

LeatherTitanium Magna

M01 Magna

M02 Magna

M03 Magna

M04 Magna

M05 Magna

MixBlue Magna

MixGreen Magna

MixPink Magna

Rose Magna

Rosé Magna

Silver Magna

Titanio Magna

WoodCE02 Magna

WoodCE03 Magna

WoodD1 Magna

WoodD2 Magna

WoodFC01 Magna

WoodFC17 Magna

WoodMetallicBlue Magna

WoodTitanium Magna

Get inspired

The Harmony of light

Magna is a classical yet contemporary piece thanks to a combination of finishes or colours that can adapt to any environment The simplicty of its geometry provides us with simplicity, strength and an artistic and luxurious touch.