Listening, learning and creating

OkiunLab is the specialized Okiun design studio in exclusive project developments that puts professionals available all their experience and facilities to carry on with the maximum detail developments of singular pieces, which convey sensations hitherto unknown.
The technical department of Okiun is made available of creatives from anywhere in the world to transform and evolve the original idea into a product real. We bring order and technical process to development of the pieces, to enjoy with the professionals of the wonderful path of creating unique pieces that generate unique spaces, transmitting personality from the creator to each project where the piece is placed singular.





Thechnical Office

In Okiun we accompany the professionals to take forward your projects and for that we share our experience and we offer our clients two services:

Technical advice to professionals, to solve the doubtsthat might arise regarding how, when and where you can apply each of the pieces of Okiun.

Aesthetic Advice  Okiun offers through its technical team a direct service of renderings so that the professional can more realistically anticipate how you can have your project with the chosen element.