About us

Mediterranean Character


Okiun is a company based in Valencia, which, through design and highly innovative processes, designs and manufactures decorative pieces with character, full of personality and nuances that make them unique.

World wide

At Okiun we share our experience to create new pieces together with professionals from different countries. Pieces that on their own or combined with others mark the personality and bring a new dimension to the design of spaces.


Our sole objective is to excite and make you feel. We do not have a fixed pattern of manufacture, nor unique rules, only the search for the impossible, for the unknown in the world of handmade concrete, that is our path, a path full of colour, lights, shadows, geometries with volume and very innovative processes, which together with experience allow us to create a new decoration never seen before.

azulejos 3d


We do everything from Valencia, with the passion of our people and the light that the Mediterranean transmits to us, in an artisan way, without haste, feeling what we do, all in a human factory with sustainable criteria and with a human team passionate about their work.