Okiun’s retail divison places at the disposal of the retail chain its standard decorative elements and the development of exclusive products designed for retail chains or any shop in the world. For such a specific path, Okiun uses logical and operational solutions created specifically to adapt to the smallest of possible requirements and offers the best and fastest delivery service possible for each order, keeping into account the crafting characteristics of each product.

The shop experience is worked on in detail for each business or business chain, in order to present a product in the best way possible, be it with nonrmalized solutions or in presentation projects developed to scale for each shop.

Okiun handles its unique decorative elements, from design to logistcs, and from supply to installation with each shop official and offers valuable support with technical plans and renders for designers colaborating with businesses. 


1 – Project focus

Working continuously with retail professionals to focus on the differentiating details of each business or shop model and properly focus each product to produce the best effect.

2 – Initial Investigation / Project Specifications

During this stage, all financial and technical information is decided and provided, preliminary drawings, dates, alternative material and component options, samples and shop-exposition formats, all necessary details are discussed.

3 – Engineering

Within this stage we develop and produce plans, we create the prototypes and adjust the details required within each process. 

4 – Project Plan

This is to identify and position each element and logistical service that will be provided in each shop and space. Everything is left redacted and planned.

5 – Development Process Identification

Internally, for each area and for each shop, production procedures are established for every element, keeping in mind any materials that will be needed and the time scales required to develop each piece. This stage is an important part of the process in which we follow up on our process to keep our promised deadlines. 

6 – Production / Purchasing

On occassion, elements created for retail chains are customized products that have to comply with strict quality standards and must also follow strict regulations within countries to which they are destined. 

7 – Quality Control

Quality requirements are scrupelessly verified, beginning with the chosen materials and continuing through the uninterrupted tracking of procedures during process and finilization.

8 – Logistics

This activity is of vital importance in the retail chain, and becomes much more crucial when working at an international level. This requires the same responce capacity and punctuality in all of our projects, independently of which continent work is being carried out in or the quantity of products needed to be supplied. Ad hoc packaging is designed for each product, client and country of destination.

9 – Fitting / Installation

The Retail division at Okiun assesses and takes part in each project in order to install different elements. Pieces are delivered following a work calendar that corresponds to the diverse fases of installation. Packages are easy to recognize and follow a sequential logic that facilitates specialist teams in carrying out their work. 

10 – After Sales Service

The mission at Okiun’s Retail department does not stop once decorative pieces have been delivered and installed, but continues throughout the years, with a precise and attentive after sales service. These services are binded with promptness and guarantee the continuity of orders and product finishes.